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The Best foundations for summer 2019.

These are definitely the best foundations for the summer.

Summer delicious, but also sticky and sweaty! Not really handy to wear a lot of makeup. But if you still want to enjoy a beautiful glowy and flawless skin. I got you, babe! Below I share my favorites foundations with you.

from right to left Armani Beauty Luminous Silk, Dior Backstage, L’oreal True Match, MAC BB Cream, Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder
  1. Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation. My go-to and big favorite. This foundation is light weight and still provide sufficient coverage. It gives your skin a nice glowy effect.
  2. Dior Backstage Foundation. The foundation that is extremely popular in the modeling world and that is not for nothing! Light weight, glowy and very beautiful and easy to apply. Suitable for the entire body. So let the bomb ass swimwear photos come.
  3. L’oreal True Match Foundation. The best budget friendly foundation. Provides nice coverage and stays in place for a long time.
  4. MAC BB Cream. If you do not want to use any foundation, choose a bb cream. This has spf and eliminates all irregularities. During my pregnancy this was my bff. Well … Heat, Pregnancy and hormones I could have few. Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation. A beautiful foundation that makes it work from a bb cream. It gives you nice coverage, light weight, eliminates bumps and hydrates your skin.

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