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The Most Beautiful Lip Colors For Fall / Winter 2019

There is no rule when it comes to which color lipstick you can wear the best. But the switch from summer to fall / winter inspires me to opt for a dark lipstick. I prefer to wear burgundy red, dark brown and deep purple. And other colors that I can wear all year round is Chanel Red to the perfect Nude color.

But today I’m going to limit my choices to some of my absolute favorites for autumn 2019. Below you will find my top choices of lipsticks.

Nars Opulent Red
Nars Opulent Red

Nars Opulent Red Is a deep, red burgundy with subtle, neutral to warm undertone and has a satin finish. The application is very smooth and I get even pigmentation with one layer. The lipstick has a slightly creamy texture with enough slip to keep it comfortable, but not too much so that it will run out and get messy. It will stay in place for a few hours. When it starts to fade it leaves a reddish haze. But this is something I personally don’t mind. This happens more often with lipsticks. Opulent Red is for sale here for €26,- (3.5 g)

Clinique Entwined

A very nice and light weight formula. After a single layer you already have enough pigmentation. Entwined is a deep red with a creamy texture but with a matte look. It also has a built-in primer that helps smooth your lips for easy application. What is also nice to know is that this color belongs to the new Even Better Pop collection from Clinique. For every Even Better Foundation tint, Clinique has developed 3 lipstick colors that suit your complexity.

Clinique Entwined is not yet available in the Netherlands. but you can get it on the Clinique UK website. The original Even Better Pop Lip is available here with a retail price of € 24.99 (3.9 g) and can be purchased here.

Laura Mercier Chocolat Divin, Clinique Entwined
Laura Mercier Chocolat Divin

A beautiful nude (neutral) chocolate brown lipstick. Super lightweight with semi hydrating satin finish. Something unique about this lipstick is its shape. It has a smooth c-curve, which ensures that your lipstick literally embraces the lip and delivers a powerful opaque color from the start. Laura Mercier Chocolat Divin stays in place for at least 5-6 hours before you notice any fade. Of course, as always, you have to adjust your lips after eating. Once Rouge Essentiel Silky Creme lipstick is on your lips you will not really feel it. It is not too heavy, thick or too dry. What a perfect match is for those who like a daring color but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. Chocolat Divin can be purchased here for € 35.99.

Ysl Rouge Pur Couture 01 & Tatouage Couture Matte Stain 1
Ysl Rouge Pur Couture

The number I have for the Rouge Pur Couture is 01 a medium red with neutral to cool undertones with a natural shine. It has semi-coverage pigmentation. The consistency is slightly creamy and not too smooth, but it does feel moisturizing. This also makes it easy to slide over the lips when applying. Furthermore, it feels soft on my lips. The only minor flaw with this lipstick is the scent. I can’t explain exactly what it smells like. But even when it’s on my lips, I can smell it a bit. It is certainly not bad, and I can live with it. Whenever I use red lipstick, I always line my lips with my favorite lip pencil Jordana CosmetiCabernet. It really is the perfect combination of brown and burgundy, making it suitable for any red lipstick.

Ysl Rouge Pur Couture has a sale price of € 39.27 (3.8 g) and can be purchased here.

Ysl Tatouage Couture Matte Stain

Tatouage Couture has a thin, comfortable texture that you barely feel on your lips. It almost feels like a second skin. The pigmentation is super intense and the finish is super matte. The formula does not feel dry on the lips, but it can look a bit dry. This is more often the case with lip stains. You can solve this problem by applying a little lip balm over the lip stain. This lip product from Ysl also has an unexplainable smell. The applicator has the shape of a spatula. That becomes flatter at the end and slopes obliquely. That is super handy when applying, this is done smoothly and accurately by the applicator. It also has a long-lasting effect of a number of hours.

Ysl Tatouage Couture Matte Stain has a sale price of € 39.27 (6ml) and can be purchased here.

Which lip color do you prefer?


Hi, I hope you enjoyed this! Feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you guys.

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