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10 free ways to get better skin.

Ok, meanwhile you know that I have a great love for skincare products and everything to do with skincare. (If you don’t know that yet, Hi I’m Suyen skincare addicted! LoL). But that delicious moisturizer and serums can have a nice price tag. Although these products can really do wonders for the face, it is always good to have a healthy and glowy base. Below you can read how to get better skin, and yes “free”!


Sounds very cliché but oh so true! Cells mainly consist of water. So if you drink enough water, you keep these good cells hydrated. But if you do not drink enough water, your skin becomes dehydrated and you get more chance of wrinkles and flakes.


Stop touching your face continuously. We generally come into consideration with bacteria and other stuff every day. So our hands are also full of bacteria. Well, you mith think I washes them enough. But really tho? Everything we touch has a bacteria on it. Some things just a lot more, such as with the toilet. But have you ever kept your loyal friend (mobile) under the microscope? OK then! If you often touch your face, all those bacteria come on.

Beauty blender and makeup brushes

Clean your makeup sponge and brushes. By constantly using the same polluted beauty blender and brushes, you give bacteria the chance to expand. And you automatically transfer that to your skin. My tip is also just to wash them after every use or grab a clean one.

Clean skin

Never go to sleep with your makeup on. Or rather, never go to sleep without first washing your face. Make-up, dirt and oil can clog your pores. And then you suffer from pimples and other irregularities.

Fruits and vegetables

We know that vegetables and fruit are full of vitamins. If you consume enough of these, those good vitamins also help with your skin. This way you get a healthy and beautiful face from the inside out.

Towels and washcloths

The scenario, you wash your face with a washcloth today. The next day you use the same dirty washcloth. Not so great! Just don’t do it anymore.

Bed linen

The same principle applies here, changing your bed on time and regularly. Yes I know, it is more often small laundry and large laundry run. Hahaha


This sounds really boujéé or not hahaha. But isn’t it, if you stand in front of the mirror in the morning or in the evening. Why not, do a small facial massage right away. It helps with blood and oxygen circulation. And good for wrinkles and other aging ailments. During my morning and night routine I do a massage for 2 minutes.


For a chocolate addict (yes I have multiple addictions) this sounds very double to say, but I do it anyway! Use less concentrated sugar. It causes inflammation in your body, and breaks down collagen. Simply put it speeds up the aging effect! Because this step is quite difficult for me, we start with baby steps. These days I grab the high content of pure cocoa chocolate and I leave the Milka and all that others standing!

Sleeping Sleeping Beauty

Get your sleep! A rested body is a relaxed and glowy skin. When you sleep, your skin recovers, so the more you sleep, the more it recovers. (Say bye bye acne, Im getting this sleep!) Those expensive moisturizers and serums can do their job better during your beauty sleep!

I’ll say try them out, and let me know if it helped you too.

-x- Suyen


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