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Sunscreen and why people with dark skin should also use it.

As you know I was born in Curaçao where the sun always shines (usually then) a beautiful island full of sea and beach. #dushikorsou

Growing up in Curaçao means that your skin is exposed to the sun every day. On a daily basis you get a huge boost of UV rays thrown at you. You would think that everyone there walks around with bottles of sunscreen. But unfortunately I have to participate that this is not the case. Personally, I can’t remember a day that my mother had ever rubbed my skin. Not because she wasn’t a caring mother, but simply because dark people use minimal or no sunscreen products. And I don’t think her parents did this either.

People with dark skin do not have to rub

A big fable! It is true that dark skin does not burn quickly. We have a kind of built-in SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The darker you are, the more melanocyten (melanin) your skin produces. Hence the term melanin beauty. Yes, I am…. :). But regardless of your skin tone, you must protect yourself against UV rays. Because even dark people can get skin cancer. Skin cancer is often discovered, among toenails, fingernails, palms, and soles, because the skin is lighter in these places.

What exactly does sunscreen do?

The irradiation that comes from the sun that we can see with the naked eye is called sunlight. The part that we cannot see is called infrared. Infrared is partially blocked by the ozone layer. But a large part of this reaches the skin. Even though you don’t see it, you do notice the warmth on the skin. Sunscreen intercepts the UV light before it comes in contact with the skin. The original sunscreen products (which leave a white haze behind) contain zinc oxide, which blocks the UV rays.


It can certainly be harmful in which it contains oxybenzon. Oxybenzon works against the antioxidants in our body. They protect us and we need them. Because the ingredient works against them, it can indirectly contribute to the development of cancer. Although there is as yet no certainty about the effect on humans, it is clear from tests on rats that it disrupts sex hormones and thyroid hormones. The substance also causes itching and eczema. Especially the popular transparent sunscreen products contain this harmful ingredient. That we must protect our skin from the sun is a fact. Choose sunscreen products with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. They hardly penetrate the skin, but on it.


Lancaster Comfort Milk SPF50 Sun Beauty 

Biotherm Lait Solaire Hydratant SPF50

Naïf Protecting Sunscreen SPF 50 (for kids )


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