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New|Elf Cosmetics 16h camo concealer

Elf Cosmetics recently released the 16h Camo Concealer, and of course, I wanted to review them.

Elf Cosmetics 16h Camo Concealer f.r.t.l. Olive & Deep Chestnut
About Elf Cosmetics

Eleven is known as a “drugstore” beauty brand that sells high-quality products but at an affordable price. I myself am also a big fan of Elf. Over the years I have tried quite a few beauty products from them. Their makeup brushes for example. They cost no more than € 5, but blend really well.

16h Camo Concealer

Available in 18 shades with full coverage. lightweight, mattifying and portable for 16 hours. Concealer is vegan free.

What do I think of the Concealer?

The quality of these products is just right. In terms of formula, I think they resemble the beloved Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (10ml). That price is much higher with a sales price of €27,-. The Elf Cosmetics Camo Concealers (6ml) cost €6,- at the Douglas, which is about 4x cheaper. It also has a large application that I really like. You have applied enough concealer in one movement.

The shades that I have purchased are Deep Olive and Deep Chestnut. Deep Olive is 3 shades lighter than my own skin color. Ideal for highlighting. I use very little of this and will always use this shade in combination with Deep Chestnut. This is a bit darker, so it fits my skin color more. With Deep Chestnut I conceal all dark circles and spots. The combination of these two shades works very well for me. I can recommend that you also buy two shades and thus create your own perfect combination.

What I like about this Concealer is that it blends nicely. Both with a beauty blender and with your fingers. You have to work quickly, because it dries fairly quickly. Because the Concealer is matte, I do not powder it, because I think it looks too dry. And that is of course not so beautiful. I got ready in the morning and in the evening it was still good without crumbling. So I think it is indeed portable for 16 hours.

All in all a super nice product. In terms of quality, it is really worthy of an A brand, only cheaper. I have to admit that since I bought it, the only Concealer is what I use. So it really belongs to one of my favorites.

Have you already tried out this concealer from Elf Cosmetics?

-x- Suyen


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