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Review| Rituals Of Sakura.

A while ago I received this beautiful gift set from Rituals. The products of Rituals or Sakura line are not new products. But because I think it is such a wonderful collection, I still want to share it with you.

Rituals of Sakura
The ritual

During the ancient Hanami ceremony, the beauty of the Sakura blossom is celebrated. Sakura blossom what we know as cherry blossom symbolizes life and beauty. Enzo they celebrate during the ceremony that life and beauty are of short duration. And that you should enjoy it. What a beautiful piece of history! Doesn’t this make you nice and relaxing?

The products

The main ingredients of this line is cherry blossom and rice milk. Cherry blossom stands for rebirth of nature and purity. The scent of cherry blossom makes you relax. While rice milk stands for happiness, excess and fertility. The use of rice milk essence makes your skin soft and supple.

The products that I will review for you today are:

  • Foaming shower gel zensation
  • Blossoming hand wash
  • Magic touch body cream
  • Celebrate each day body scrub
Ritual of Sakura foaming shower gel

Foaming shower gel sensation

As you already know, showering is really my “me time”. At least I try! Because often the kids still come to the bathroom door to call mommy. But back to the review. You only need to use a little of this shower gel. It comes out in the form of a gel, but fairly quickly it transforms into an airy foam. It feels very nice and luxurious.

The scent of cherry blossom smells very good. But not too overwhelming that it gives you a nasty feeling. It smells delicious! And relaxing, well I understand why they call it Zenzation. A zen moment in the shower. After showering my skin feels nice and soft.

The price is € 8.50 for a 200 ml bottle.

Blossoming hand wash 
Rituals blossoming hand wash

This hand wash is a limited edition. I expected it to have a somewhat thicker texture like a gel. But this is not the case. It is quite liquid, so you don’t have to use much.

It has a soap-free formula with moisturizing ingredients. Here too you can smell the cherry blossom well. After washing my hands feel soft and clean. The price is € 9.90 for a 300 ml bottle.

Celebrate each day bodyscrub
Rituals of Sakura bodyscrub

Body scrubs, they are so delicious! I used to make my own simple scrub. With sugar and pure coconut oil. What a wonderful sensation. If I could choose I would go for a body scrub every day. But unfortunately this is not good for your skin, so I keep it twice a week.

This Rituals Celebrate Each Day body scrub contains natural sugar and soothing oils. And just like with the other products of this line, you can smell the cherry blossom again.

Sometimes scrubs can be so dry, so I was really happy that it contains enough oil that makes it delicious and easy to distribute on your body. This perfect mix of sugar and oils made my skin so soft. Just like a baby skin! A thin layer of oil was also left behind, leaving my skin feeling nicely hydrated.

A pot of 375 grams costs € 17.50. But I myself have a pot of 125 grams which came standard in this gift set.

Magic touch body cream
Ritual of sakura Magic Touch Body Crème

If there’s one thing I can’t stand is dry hands. When I was still working at the Hudson Bay we had a tester of this. And yes .. I have used it more often than the customers themselves. Because this body cream absorbs into your skin so quickly, you can use it as a hand cream.

The body cream is a bit thicker, but it spreads easily and thinly over your body. Very nice because you don’t need to use much.

And just like everything else in this line, you can also smell the cherry blossoms here. Because it is such a nice scent, I don’t mind that it lingers long. Finally, your skin feels soft and supple after use.

The price is € 18.50 for a pot of 220 ml.

The products of Rituals can be purchased at the Douglas or at the Rituals points of sale.

If you want to make yourself or someone happy with the gift set, you can buy it here.

What is your favorite products from Rituals?

-x- Suyen


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