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Clarins double serum

clarins double serum

The Clarins Double Serum has been on my beauty list for a while. So I was more than happy when I received this to try. I immediately started working with Ingredients.

Clarins double serum and l’huile d’orchidé

Clarins Double Serum € 87.72 (30 ml) for sale at

“With its [20 + 1] powerful plant extracts, Clarins Double Serum decodes the language of youthfulness to visibly combat the signs of aging.”

After 7 days:

  • Radiating skin;
  • Refined pores and reduced lines;
  • Visibly younger looking skin.

The first thing I noticed is the packaging. The glass vial that is finished with gold, and then the brown color of the serum gives it a luxurious look. The bottle also feels nice and heavy and fits well in the hand. You can also set a small or large dose on the cap. So you never use too much or too little of the product. This is very nice! Because that way you won’t waste a product.


De Clarins Double Serum contains two types of serums that touch each other at the time of application. And the serum has a global anti-age approach. What makes this serum so special is the use of 21 different plants that are processed in it. Clarins promises the following 5 functions of the serum (hydration, nutrition, oxygen supply, renewal, and protection). This serum is also suitable for all skin types.

“- Turmeric – Organic Kalanchoe – Organic quinoa – Organic Salicornia – Cocoa – Organic kiwi – Milk thistle – Teasel – Goji berry – Callicarpa – Horse chestnut – Organic green banana – Mango – Jania – Cat mustache – Butterfly jasmine – Huan qi – Organic Edelweiss – Myrothamnus – Avocado – Oat sugars ”

How to use

On well-cleansed skin, I apply the serum in the morning and in the evening. Because my skin can use that extra hydration, I choose the largest dose. My skin absorbs the serum well. It leaves a nice glow, as it were. If you use a serum you can sometimes experience irritation or tingling, luckily I have no problems with this. Although I have not been using the serum for so long, I already notice a difference. My skin feels soft and less dry. It even seems to be more even, which means that my make-up will last much nicer and last longer.


And again Clarins proves to me what a beautiful brand they are. I am very satisfied with the serum. The price is a bit on the high side, but then you have a good quality product in return. The serum is available in 30 and 50 ml.  now has a promotion that gives you a 10% discount.

Does this serum look like to you?


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