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The Best Full-Coverage Concealers You Can Buy

All these fullcoverage concealers are intensely pigmented and great to cover dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and to brighten the under-eye area.  

There was a time I used to stay away from full coverage concealers, just because I taught that they would be too heavy and cakey looking. But I’m glad that those days are gone, and that I educated myself on how to properly use a full coverage concealer. Let’s find out more!

So the best way that I liked to use a concealer is to cover up those dark circles and hyperpigmentation around my eye area. But I also like to spot conceal and hide my blemishes. This is also a great way to use concealer if you don’t want to use a ton of makeup. Like on the days that you don’t want to use a foundation, just spot cover those blemishes and your good to go. A “no makeup” kind of day.

And to further help you on your way, I’ve made a list with the best full coverage concealers (high-end and drugstore) out there. And why I love them so much. Let’s go…

Tarte Shape Tape

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is a full coverage concealer and has earned his place in the beauty community. For the last couple of years, Tarte shape tape concealer is the best selling concealer out there. In fact, for every second, 12 of this concealer is being sold. And to be quite honest, It’s also my top favorite high-end concealer.

Range / Price: available in 30 different shades with different undertones. I’m in the color deep. The price tag is around €27,- (I bought mine at Sephora). for 10ml.

Formula / Texture: Tarte shape tape has a light creamy texture. It has a little bit of a scent to it. But this goes away as soon as it dries down. This concealer is extremely full coverage and dries down really fast. So when you apply it be quick with blending it down. When I tell you it hides everything, I really mean everything! So say goodbye to those under-eye circles and blemishes.

It comes with a quite large applicator, that can pick up a lot of the product. So be careful with this, cause little goes a long way.

Finish: It has a matte finish to it, which I love! There’s no need to set it in with additional powder. It has more of a natural/satin finish, rather than a crack matte. If you know what I mean. I think because it’s enriched with shea butter (helps with retaining skin elasticity) and mango seed butter ( helps moisture, condition and protects) that really helps to keep the skin looking good and feeling soft. But If you have dry skin, I can imagine it being too matte under the eye area. I don’t have dry skin, to test it out, but if you do, try to use it after you applied some eye cream first. And see if that works out!

L’oreal Infaillible More Than Concealer

The name says it all. A concealer than can do more than just conceal. This beautiful concealer is a great dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape. But I like to use it not only to conceal but also to shape and contour the face.

Range / Price: It is available in 25 colors with different undertones. I use the color honey 338 to conceal and truffle 343 for contour. The price is around €15,- for 11ml.

Formula / Texture: With his waterproof formula that doesn’t transfer, flake and fade, is the L’oreal Infaillible More Than A Concealer here to stay. It has a creamy, blendable texture that is extremely pigmented. I love that after you lay the product down, it gives you some time to blend it out before it completely dries out. Because of it’s ability to blend and spread it out, it a great product for contouring and brightening.

I noticed that Truffle #343 is much drier than honey #338. And even in the tube, it looks like it drying out. And I know that I always close it up after using it! Maybe I’m just that “lucky lady” that has one that does. But it makes me wonder if the formula changes when the colors get deeper.

Also, It has a bit of a glue scent to it, but this fades after it dries down. It doesn’t bother me, but if your scent orientated person it might.

Finish: The Afterall finish is matte. But because it takes some time to dry out completely I would recommend to set it in with some translucent powder. I love that it stays true to color without any sign of oxides. For contouring go 1 or 2 shades darker than your skin tone. The larger applicator is great for picking up the product. But a downfall can be, that you can go overboard and use too much product. So keep that in mind.

E.L.F 16h Camo Concealer

Elf cosmetics is a well-known drugstore beauty brand. And when they came out with the 16h camo concealer I was excited. The word in the streets was that it’s a great dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape. And I needed to find that out. Can you blame me? If this is really a good dupe, I could save some coins!

Range / Price: 26 shades, which included 8 new shades. I use, deep chestnut for concealing, deep olive to brightening and rich cocoa for contouring. With an affordable price of €6,- for 6ml.

Formula / Texture: A very creamy consistency that takes some time to blend out. The pigmentation and coverage are insane. Don’t remember that costs only €6,-. Furthermore, it dries out matte. But not flaky dry.

Like as with the L’oreal infaillible concealer the one also tend to be drier when the shades are getting darker and deeper.

Maybe it’s accidentally, or the lack of knowledge on how to get the formula just right for darker shades, or is it because in general the beauty world focus is not on women of color. And they simply wing it and put something out there, just to say they are versatile?

I will adress this topic another time, I promise!

Finish: It has a dry finish but not a satin finish like the other I’ ve mentioned. And this concealer is definitely not the one if you have dry skin. But recently E.L.F came out with the hydration camo concealer that is also full coverage. And this one is for normal/dry skin.

The 16h camo concealer oxides and gets darker after it completely dried out. So keep that in mind when you want to make your purchase. Especially for the under-eye- area, you can rather have it too bright than to dark. If it tends to be too bright, you can mix it with a little bit of your foundation. But what you really don’t want is darker under eyes haha!

One thing that bothers me, is that it doesn’t close good enough. Somehow product comes out of it. What a waste of product! I always wipe it down after using it, otherwise, I will find concealer everywhere. But despite this tiny thing, I really like this full-coverage concealer.

What do you guys think about these concealers? Let’s chat some more in the comments box!!


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