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Maison Berger Paris|Perfumed Duo Bouquet & Candle

There are a few things I can really enjoy. And luxe scented candles, diffusers, room sprays, and perfumed sticks are one of those things. They not only spread my home with the most delicious scents but also set the right ambiance. I also love to have them around for product photography.

It is even so bad that my friends already know how to make me happy. The gift me either makeup or a delicious scented candle. Yes, luxurious candles really make me happy.

When I was in Lille France and saw the Maison Berger store, I couldn’t help myself to and had to pay them a visit. And I can tell you I was not disappointed!

A trip down the history

Maison Berger has been around for 120 years. In the 19th century, pharmacist’s assistant Maurice Berger noticed that the sterility of hospitals needed to be improved. He created a diffusion system that not only had to masked bad smells but also eliminates unpleasant odors.

Around the 20th century where famous brands such as Coco Chanel, Picasso, and Cocteau gave a new twist to the concept beautiful but useful. Maison Berger also changed the icon of Lampe Berger (glass flask) that provided clean indoor air, to a more elegant way of perfume spreading.

Now, Maison Berger has developed there products and not only makes Lampe Berger. But also scented candles, scent sticks and car perfumes. And they are known worldwide for there amazing products. What an inspiring story.

Maison Berger store in Lille France
The Store

As you could see in the video above. It really is a very nice store with a lot of beautiful things. I felt like a kid in the candy store, and couldn’t make up my mind what to smell first.

In addition to the original Lampe Berger, they also had deliciously scented candles, scented sticks, and diffusers. But what they also had was the well-known Lolita Lempicka scent sticks. What used to be one of my favorite perfumes. I decided to go for a scent that was still unknown to me.

Bouquet & Bougie Pétillance 

I have bought a luxury gift set with this scent. It contained scented sticks of 80 ml and a small scented candle of 80 grams. The price was € 29,-.

Bouquet & Bougie Pétillance is a wonderfully fresh floral scent with grapefruit as top notes. You can smell this right away. Very fresh and delicious! Furthermore, the heart notes are Patchouli, Rose, Lily of the valley. And Violet, Musk, Champagne as base notes.

The scented sticks are in our bathroom. As soon as you open the door you will be welcomed with the wonderful fresh floral scent. What a feast for your senses.

It is packed in a beautiful matte glass square cube decorated with a ring of light aluminum. The sticks are also black. I love that it is so sleek model. Very chic, and looks great in our bathroom. In total, you get 8 sticks. It is advisable to use 4 first. This way the scent is better to spread and lasts longer.

I must honestly say that I did not do this. It is not ideal for me to store sticks. I don’t have the space to keep them and I can lose them. So I prefer to use them at once. What I do occasionally invert the fragrance sticks. This is how you reactivate the perfume spread.

What also is nice to know is that you can refill it. Maison Berger has refill packs of 200 ml of various scents. So you never have to miss your favorite scent again. In addition, I also like it if you can re-use something. Less waste and you ultimately contribute to the savin the environment.

The scented candle also comes in a sturdy square matte glass. With the logo of Maison Berger written in white on the front. This one also looks luxurious. I have it in the bedroom, where most of my minis candles are. It has approximately 15 burning hours. My bedroom smells wonderfully, fresh and floral. Especially in the morning when I get ready, I usually light a candle and put on some music. Wonderfully relaxing and I feel well prepared for the coming (busy) day.

But just like with any candle, you have to light it the right way. I will tell you more about this soon. Yes indeed, when burning candles you also have a user manual. That way you can enjoy your candles for longer.

In addition to this scent, there are also many other scents available. I almost dare to say that there is the perfect scent for everyone. Are you looking for a nice gift? Then a Maison Berger gift set is a good choice.

Maison Berger is available at the Bijenkorf and Maison Berger website.

Have you ever heard of the Maison Berger brand? Are these scented candles or diffusers something for you?


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