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Top Home Decor Stores

Dutch version here

So today I wanted to dedicated a post to my favorite home decor stores. Hope you enjoy!

The following are in no particular order


If you took a look at my interior you can noticed that I have some vintage pieces in my collection. I love going to thrift stores, to find great vintage pieces. They give so much character to my home decor, which I like.

Vintage Dressior

I can’t get enough of this store, the sell like a large variety of everything that you can imagine you need for your home. It doesn’t matter what your interior style is. I know for sure you be able to find some great items here. And every week they have the best sales.

H&M Home

If your on a budget and still want some great home decor items you need to take a look at H&M home. They are affordable but still gives you quality stuffs. I especially like their pillows, cups and sheets collection.

Zara Home

Another great shop is Zara, they not only sell awesome fashion items, but also their home-decor is great. I especially enjoy their vase, mirrors and carpet collection.

With the most beautiful bed and coach collection I need to incorporate in my list. The interior pieces are so gorgeous and well made.


If you’re looking for unique or antique pieces you need to check out Etsy. The variety of Art is also so great. I know that some people are afraid of ordering on Etsy. But I promise you I have never had a bad experience with them.

Dille en Kamille

I love Dille en Kamille for their basket collection and their kitchen/cooking items. But to being complete honest I love the whole store. I can dwell in here for hours, and that’s pretty much not a good thing. Cause every time I spend allot of money in here. If you have kids, or needs to buy toys for a birthday, this is a great place to take a look.

Antique botles

A new own on my list is Casa. I love to dwell around here searching for dinnerware and again pillows. And sometimes I see some affordable decorations items that I like. Are you on a budget you can certainly take a look here.

Where do you shop for great Interior items?


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