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Coronavirus! And The Effect It Has On Our Family.

Wow! The coronavirus has turned the whole world upside down. And that makes sense. Especially because it is still unknown territory and because there is no medication against it yet. Where it all started in China is now affecting the entire world. It is probably more vulnerable to the elderly and sicker people. And they say that children only transmit the disease. At least that’s what it claims. I don’t know exactly what is true, but I will tell you what it does to our family.

As some of you know or don’t know. My husband has Cardiomyopathy. When we found out, his heart function worked for only 8%. By a miracle from God! He made it and we look positively at life and the future.

Life is not always easy for someone with their condition. There is a lot to consider. For example, we can never just book a holiday and catch the plane. This should always be discussed with his specialist first and follow the necessary tests and so on. But even the small things in life are different. Like playing around and playing with your children. But also work, sports and even couch hanging.

One day or the moment it does not bother him and then a few seconds later it does. They say the heart does what the heart wants for a reason. Very annoying, but in the meantime, we have built a good life around it.

It is, for example, that he has lower resistance and is very vulnerable and susceptible to diseases. The normal flu or a cold can be fatal, as it were. For example, when he got chickenpox 2 years ago. He was hospitalized and was in the ICU. So what do you do when you live in Brabant and the coronavirus is active in your city?

Daily life

Besides the handwashing tip, which we always did! And hopefully the rest of the world too! We also do a few things differently.

Anyway, I keep my children at home. All 3 have a cold. Our son also has asthma and some condition with his thyroid glands. But there is also a teacher with the coronavirus at our oldest school. And 10 others reported sick. We have common sense and we like to use that (occasionally hahaha)! Because in severe cases, every patient got infected with the coronavirus has pneumonia. Nopes! We don’t want that!

I keep the girls busy with a little help from Squla. An online program that is developed for children to practice in learning materials in a playful way at their own level. In addition, they play in the garden and we are busy with games and crafts. The secondary school will also start teaching online. Which is ideal in such a situation.

That’s why we stay inside and even avoid family and friends gathering. Our loved ones know about our family situation and understand our “drastic” approach. For the rest, the necessary shopping is simply done. And we haven’t been bulked shopping or anything! We believe in a positive outcome. And it doesn’t help to panic or get panicky.

So our approach is to use common sense and protect yourself if necessary. Why take unnecessary risks? That concert, party, vacation and so on can be done another time!

If there is a reason to sound the alarm, we will do it! Although I hope this is not necessary! I don’t even want to think of it!

Take care of yourself people, and for those that are around you! If you don’t see the point of keeping your distance when you have a cold and so on. I hope that you can now see what effect it can have on someone else.

Love Suyen


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