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French Lifestyle|Trip to Lille France

Lille well-known as the Paris of the north. With amazing restaurants, vintage markets, characteristic architecture, breathtaking sides, and nice hotels. Today I will take you with me, true my city tour in Lille.

The week started as a typical normal week. With pretty much nothing exciting except working (yes, I love working) planned. But on Thursday I received an invitation from my niece to take a city trip to Lille France. Everyone that knows me well enough, knows that I love everything French. So you can quite imagen that I couldn’t sleep that night.

From my hometown, it’s only a 2-hour drive, so we left home in the early morning so we can enjoy the rest of the day in Lille. The main things I wanted to see are the beauty shops, cafes, vintage stores, markets, and all those amazing architecture. And boy did I succeeded.

selfie in Sephora (not the most beautiful selfie btw)

Of course, I’m gonna start with this subject. My first visit was to Sephora, actually, I visited two Sephora’s here in Lille. The first one is in a big shopping mall. And the other one is located in the city. Both of them are amazing. Very kind Sephora workers, that gives great service. While here in Holland you need to beg for a sample, here they asked you if you want one. I received the new Chanel Gabrielle Essence (beautiful perfume btw).

And I purchase some Fenty Beauty makeup items which you can read my review here. Besides these products, I also bought some other amazing stuff that I will review in the next couple of weeks. So be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I share whenever I uploaded a new blog post. And also on IG story’s, I shared behind the scene footage of this wonderful trip. So feel free to take a look. Furthermore, I visited more beauty related stores, which I will share with you in another blog post. But yeah… Lille will not disappoint you as a beauty lover. There’s enough to see, feel, try and smell to keep you occupied!


When I tell you that the entire city is a piece of art, I’m not exaggerating. On every corner, you see some amazing architecture. I took like a bunch of photos with my iPhone. Can you just imagine what kind of great shots you can take with a DSLR camera? I can!

I love fountains, so of course, I needed to film this. Even outside of the stores you can see beautiful characteristics of architecture. I have been told that around Christmas the city is turned in a real-life Christmas show. With huge Christmas trees and decoration. So I will definitely visit Lille again around that time of year.


In Lille, you will find the best of the best in food and desserts. One of the most famous patisseries is Maison Meert. Everything inside this store is beautiful. The dessert looks so amazing that it would be a sin to eat them haha. In the city, you find awesome cafes and restaurants. And there are little specialist shops, like one with only olives, cheese, chocolate, jenever, and waffles. Restaurant Monsieur Jean is one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve ever seen. One step in the restaurant and you feel that you have entered the glamourous castle. The interior is a dream! And the food is just delicious. Do you love cappuccino and coffee? Then you would be happy in Lille. So many nice cafes to sit and have a french cup.

Because this trip was a last-minute thingy, I didn’t have time for proper research to plus-size stores. So next time I will focus on this subject. Besides this, I really want to visit some markets. I heard there a plenty of those around Lille. I love wandering around and find some amazing vintage pieces. That’s also a good way, to know more about the history of Lille and about the inhabitants.

jusqu’à bientôt Lille! (Till soon Lille!)

Did you already visit this amazing city?


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