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Influencers and Bloggers are fake right?

Do it for the gram or they will do everything for Instagram. Something that I see all too often. But is an Instagram post still fair? Is blogging still useful? Or are products unthinkingly thrown through our throat?

I consider myself a newcomer when it comes to social media. Why ?, because I have been active on Instagram for just over a year. In addition, I keep this blog and occasionally I post a YouTube video. I really enjoy creating content. It really is my outlet and I can really be busy for hours. From planning and coming up with a new idea to realizing it. As a Content Creator I mainly work alone. Sometimes my husband also lends a hand and for example he is my photographer for a few hours.

More and more often I get the feeling that people think it’s all fake. Or that blogger or influencers only do it for the money or for the free products. I can understand where this is coming from. And I will come back to this in a moment.


But just about the word “influencers”. May I express that I really started to hate this word! (It is a pity that the word is in my email and it is not useful to change your email.) The meaning of it is to influence someone to do something you want. If you look at it that way, I immediately get stomach cramps and a nasty feeling. Imagine that someone with bad thoughts has so much influence on others that they follow his footsteps. Take Hilter for example. A small measly man with a quirky idea and plan that is responsible for tens of millions of deaths. Bizarre! What an Influence! Do you understand why I can’t stand this word? I don’t want to influence anyone to do something they don’t want. If I like something to do or to use, I want to share it with others. Maybe it will also help someone. But back to my story.

PR package

Of course I like it if I can receive a PR package. Who wouldn’t want that. In addition, it is super handy for me as a blogger. This way I can do more reviews of products and try out more things.

But it is certainly not the case that I only get free goodies. I have even purchased the majority of products or clothing that you see passing by. And believe me keeping a blog is certainly not cheap It is often the case that bloggers review products for months and even years before they even receive 1 PR package or not at all. (And that is often not because they do not produce high-quality content. But more because brands / companies focus on the number of followers and likes.) Is it really so bad when bloggers occasionally get something for free?

Imagine I receive a PR package for a new mascara. If I have become enthusiastic about it, it will certainly end up in one of my social media channels. Because I want to be transparent, I always include when I have received something (gifted). Like here. Before I test it, I first take a few nice and clear photos. And then the real work starts. Namely testing. It is different for each product how long the test period will be. Finally, I write my experience in an article or I make a Youtube video about it.

To invest

Because blogging / creating content is really my hobby and passion, I don’t mind investing money and time. If there is a new foundation on the market, I want to try it out and share my experience with my readers / followers. How nice is it to google a review of that item before you actually buy it? If there are bad reviews, the chances are that you will not buy it and save your money. And that is only possible because there are bloggers and content creators who invest their time and especially their money to review products. But it can also be different. If there were no reviews, how much money would we have spent on the bank for aimless products?


It is possible that a brand wants to collaborate with bloggers / content creators. You will then be paid for a blog post, Instagram photo / stories or YouTube video.

I am now speaking for myself. As I have already indicated a bit above what happens behind the screen before my content comes online.

Equipment and Software

And then I haven’t even talked about editing photos, editing videos and writing an article. I do all of this in different programs that I have to pay for every month. Or what you need, such as a good camera or telephone, microphone, studio lighting, laptop/computer and related accessories. Extra accessories for enhancing those beautiful photos. Oh, I forget a few things, such as software for my website, software for my accounting. A Photographer, luckily I make my own photos and I have a lovely man (who despite my nagging and complaining about his photography arts) always wants to help me. But not everyone has this luxury.


In addition, there are also certain characteristics that I have to constantly train and develop. Perseverance, networking (because not every collaboration comes out of the blue, hustle is the key). Creativity, commercial attitude (because there will always be an opportunity for someone to use you) and an elephant skin! Because often anonymous some get superpowers, and they want to get you into the ground or read the lesson.

Ok now back to working with brands / companies. After naming all this, it is not surprising that bloggers / content creator get paid for a collaboration. (And then there are plenty who think that this is not a real job.) The only difference is that I get paid now, for something I already do for free! It is my blog, my social media channels, so only my honest opinion comes up. Guaranteed that I only recommend products that I find really worthwhile. And here again I add whether it is a collaboration (* AD *). Here you can see an example.

New marketing

People this is the new way of marketing. What used to be billboards, TV, magazines etc. is now bloggers and content creators.

If brands / companies not only looked at likes and followers, then some would also not abuse them so quickly. For example, by promoting something that they do not use themselves.

Keeping it real

I think you have seen every version of Suyen. Especially on Instagram Stories and Vlogs. With makeup, without makeup, afro, wig, wanderer style but also definitely glammed up! What you see is what you get and the best thing is you have accepted me as I am. That is something to be proud of. No, I would not want to ruin this friendship with lies for a few schooners!

-x- Suyen


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