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Survival | That’s how I survived a heat wav​e

Thursday, July 25, 2019, it will probably be the hottest day ever in the Netherlands. Making the record of 38.6 ° C on August 23, 1944, in Warnsveld. And in Maastricht on 27 June 1947 with a temperature of 38.4 ° C. I know and heard enough! So I have to prepare!

Basic tips to protect yourself and others

The red cross gives the following tips:

  • Drink a lot
  • dress lightly
  • avoid strenuous efforts
  • do your shopping in advance
  • check and double-check your medication
  • cool yourself
  • go outside protected

You can read the entire article here.


In addition to these basic tips, I also think it would be very wise if you still have to go outside to use sunscreencream or lotion. If you think or doubt whether you should also use this, read here why.
Wear mainly cotton and linen. These fabrics are airy and do not absorb heat. They also absorb moisture well.
Rather white than black (the only time you hear me say this because otherwise, they are equal). Black clothing absorbs sunlight, so you feel more warmth, while white clothing reflects the sunlight. And so you stay cooler.
Ensure that my upper legs do not sand. I have written a whole blog post about this here.
Lesser or no makeup. Guaranteed that you will sweat in this weather. Doesn’t seem so nice and fine with a full layer of makeup on it. For example, choose a bb Cream, tinted day cream or primer instead of a foundation. I find the Clarins BB cream or Clarins SOS primer super fine and black girl-friendly.
Wear cotton underwear. Nice and airy and keeps out odors and bacteria.
Close windows and doors. And keep your curtains closed. If it starts to cool outside, you can open your windows and doors again.
And so I survive a heatwave. Do you have any other tips? Then I would like to hear it!

-x- Suyen


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