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The Best Christmas Movies On Netflix 2019.

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The Best Christmas Movies On Netflix 2019 by Suyen Frazer

What are the best feel-good Christmas movies on Netflix right now? If this is your question, I got you covered! In Juli, I shared with you guys a previous list of what is worth watching on Netflix. You can find it here. But because it’s the month of Christmas trees, lights, family and joy. I wanted to share a list with the most adorable, cutest feel-good Christmas movies. So are you ready for hours of bank vacation in your Christmas PJs with a cup of hot cocoa and the most delicious buttered popcorn ever? Let the fun time begin!

The Best Christmas Movies On Netflix by Suyen Frazer
Let it snow

It is about a group of friends, that experience different difficulties on Christmas Eve. Broken friendships, romances, and an unforgettable party.

Holiday in the Wild

Former Sex And The City actress stars in this movie. One moment she was planning the perfect family photo. And in less than 24h later she becomes single and out on the trip of her life.

The Christmas Switch

Two girls that look identical like each other switch lives for a couple of days. And not everything goes as smooth and easy like they thought it would be.

The Knight Before Christmas

After giving up her own happiness. A woman finds her own prince charming. Or is it just a fantasy?

Miss Me This Christmas

It’s about a girl that loves Christmas so much, that she even got married on Christmas day. But a few years later, the day she loves so much, turned in the most painful day of her life.

The Christmas Chronicles

After accidentally crashing Santa’s sleigh this brother and sister help him to save Christmas. Where the sister and brother bond is being restored.

Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

One of the classics, The grinch that hates Christmas and everything around it. But the moral of the story is, that a little act of kindness can change this for the better. Oh, btw my two little girls are afraid of The Grinch. And I can’t blame them! So this is not the movie that we will watch together as a family. Maybe something you need to take into consideration if you have small kids.

Christmas Inheritance

Ellen enjoys living life to his max. And she does this a little too good. Always on the road partying and enjoy the black visa card of her father. But then she gets an ultimatum. Change her life purpose or she won’t inherit her father’s company. Soon she finds out that this task is not so easy.

El Camino Christmas

Probably not the ideal way to spend your Christmas eve. But a group of strangers finds themself in the middle of a store robbery. Where some unexpected bonding envolves.


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