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The Best of 2019

The Best of 2019 by Suyen Frazer

We made it! It’s official the last Monday of 2019. 2019, the year I lost my first website but gained a better one after a few months of hard work. The year I deleted more than 2000 Instagram followers because I wasn’t happy with the level of interaction. A year filled with new opportunities. But despite this personal growth and experiences, there were some other things I am extremely proud of.

In 2019 is the year that body positivity took over the world. We had one united voice and how clear that message was. ” Body shaming is not acceptable”. The same year where Nike extended its sportswear with plus size sizes. I saw al kinds of dancers in Beyonce’s new tour. And Yes, That moment when that plus-size queen steals the show. The year that Lizzo took over and set her footprint in the music industry. The Year I binge watch Peaky Blinders and The Crown. And the year wich my love for vintage and Paris style grown.

To complete this wonderful year, Where God blessed our family with life. My son started his first trimester on junior high. Due to moving my daughters needed to switch from school and dance school. But despite our worries about this, they pretty much cooped with it so well. Having new friends and had the most amazing Christmas Dance performance. And after years of battling with my husband’s health conditions. 2019 went on so easy. Of course, there were some ups and downs, but with the grace of God, we handled them all.

To all of you that have been supporting me from way or another. I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart. Thank you for all your love and loyalty. Let’s make together new memorable moments in 2020. All my love and well wishes for the New Year.

Love Always,



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