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What am I currently watching on Netflix

Series that you need to watch on Netflix

That I can enjoy a good Netflix series is a fact. Especially when it’s too hot and I want to stay inside. In this article I will share with you which series I am watching now and what it is about. Maybe there is something for you. And if you have a good recommendation, I would like to see it reflected in the responses. Let’s start!


Suits is a series I’ve been watching for a while. Full of shudder, I was waiting for season 7. It is about corporate (corporate law) law, but certainly not boring. Princess Megan plays in it, and now that she is an official relative of the English royal family, I was very curious if she would shine in it. Furthermore, I will not tell anything.

Peaky Blinders

Wow in a word a great drama series, at least if you like a British accent and action. The story is set in Birmingham shortly after the First World War. It is about a notorious criminal family The Peaky Blinders and how they compete to rise higher in society. It is a very exciting series, with quite a bit of violence. What I also enjoy is the vintage fashion and interior.

Money Heist

It is actually a Spanish series, but English is spoken. It is about a professor who for years has drawn up the perfect plan to do the biggest robbery ever on the national Spanish bank. He enlists the help of a few notorious criminals, all with a unique specialty. Really this series is addictive, so you are warned. If you could enjoy a Prison break, then Money Heist is for you.

Working Moms

Working Moms is a recognizable and funny mom series. It is about mothers who have their first child and all deal with it differently. Funny scenarios about dipping with a child if you still want a career. With 30 minutes per episode I was fast at the end of season 1. Fortunately, season 2 is already ready!

What I am also waiting for is the new season of Queen of the South and Modern Family. If you have not seen them yet, I advise you to do it.

-x- Suyen


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