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5 Clothing Pieces That Every Woman Needs To Have

5 Clothing pieces that every woman needs to have by Suyen Frazer

Despite the fact that you have a lot of clothes or not. There are some essential clothing pieces that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe. With these basics, you can upgrade every single outfit to his full potential. And by that I mean, looking chic and put together. Without the hustle and stress.

A year ago I made a more detail video about basics, and how you can style this. You can watch the video here. But today I’m just focussing on these 5 essential pieces.

Black Trousers

Whether you wear them to work or to brunch, a solid pair of black pants that you feel great in is a true Monday-through-Sunday staple. It’s up to your personal style which trousers you like the most. Personally I like to wear tight black jeans more often than high waisted trousers. Aldo if I needed to go to work or a meeting, sleek high waisted trousers would be the best option to go for.

White Jeans

Like with the black pants you need the white jeans in your closet. If you’re like me and a big spiller on white clothes, maybe you need two just to be safe. But a white pant is neutral and that means that you can pretty much style it with anything. If white is to intimidate for you, try beige or ecru.

Dark Blazer

A good-quality dark-colored blazer is a perfect addition to your basic wardrobe. Whether you pair it with a dress and heels or jeans and a tee-shirt, you can create a put-together look in seconds. Try on different styles and sizes as blazers are not always uniform-fit, especially when made from a variety of materials like wool and silk.

Comfy Sweater of shirt

If it’s summer you definitely need a quality white tee and a black tee. But when the weather is colder you need to dress warmer. So then I will opt for a comfy sweater in solid basic colors. Which is easy to style with almost anything. And which you can get good wear out of it. I would stay away from large prints, or trendy items. Because those go out of style really quick. But if you already have your basics on point, then feel free to splurge a little and buy the one that is on-trend.

Good fitted blue Jeans

Everyone needs well-fitted jeans. This one is maybe the most difficult clothing piece to find. So don’t worry if you don’t succeed from the first try. I think in life there are two clothing pieces that you just know it’s for you. That’s your wedding dress and those blue jeans. But when you find the one. You just know it! This is my favorite pair of blue jeans. It’s high waisted and fit my curves very well. I’m a short woman, but somehow these jeans created the illusion that I’m much longer. Which I like!

Ok guys, if you just started out with building your new wardrobe I would start up with these 5 basic items. And then you can keep adding more to complete your entire wardrobe.

The items you might be considered next are:
  • LBD ( little black dress)
  • white shirt
  • leather jacket
  • leather trouser
  • wool coat
  • satin skirt
  • white sneakers
  • black boots

I hope this will help you a little bit on your road to building the perfect wardrobe that suits your style.

Tell me what’s your favorite item?


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