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The finest summer bags made of natural materials for less than 40 euros

We are already in June and that means that we only have a few months left to enjoy the summer. And also for this summer there is a bag trend.

Natural bags are currently extremely hot! And if I say so myself, it’s not for nothing. They are not only a picture for the eyes, but are also easy to combine and can take a beating.

I have made a selection here that would be a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe this year and also cost less than 40 euros.

Shop the bags below!

  1. Braided bag of straw in black
  2. Round bamboo bag
  3. Jute handbag
  4. Crochet bag with fringes
  5. Jute bucket bag
  6. Handmade minitas
  7. Bag with wooden beads


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