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What To Look For When Buying A Winter Coat

What to look for when buying a coat by Suyen Frazer

It’s getting colder and colder so wearing just a blazer is just not warm enough. It’s time to invest in a nice coat! As well as it has to be stylish, it needs to do his job and that protects you for getting cold. There are certain things I like to consider before buying that specific winter coat.

The Style

Before I even go out and buy a coat. I start to think about what kind of coat I need or want to buy. Think about the color, pockets, style and the desired length. There are thousands and thousands of coats out there. If you have a clear vision about what you need, it will make the process of buying one so much easier.


The material which the coat is made says a lot about the quality. For example, a cotton coat keeps you so much warmer than one that is made of polyester. For me buying a winter coat is an investment. So I like to look more for quality than price. Because I want my coats to be durable enough to use for a few years. Another thing to consider here is, do you need a coat that is waterproof? And that depends also on the material of the coat.

Stylish and Comfy

Despite the fact that I like my coat to be stylish, it needs to be comfortable as well. Think about the amount of time you need to spend wearing your coat. I liked mine to be slightly oversized. When buying a coat online, I sized up. Just to be sure. And thankfully 99% of the time I got it right. But sometimes the actual coat is already oversized. And upgrading to a bigger size is just too much. But if you are in the store, always try it out before you buy it.

I’m wearing

Coat – Happy Size

Col Sweater  Happy Size 

Jeans – Happy Size 

Bag – Asos (similar)

Letter Chain – Vibe Harslof

Boots – Asos 

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