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In the media


And yes sometimes we have a proud moment because then is in the media. Below you can read and find out where Suyenfrazer has been and is mentioned.

Miss Etam Campagne
This photo was taken during the Miss Etam campaign #the Campagne #hetkanonsnietvroeggenoegbeginnen in Utrecht.

The Miss Etam event was held in Utrecht, the promo video can be seen here, where Suyenfrazer can also be seen.

Naron soon on Insta @suyenfrazer
This Breda plus-blogger with over 3,000 followers had asked if she could come and shop with us for a bra. Of course, but she wanted to film it all and blog about it. No problem of course, so we agreed. It was great and she experienced what many experience when they have been with us for the first time. The disbelief of the effect of the perfectly fitting bra. She seemed to be kilos lighter, said she was getting much more air and didn't feel her neck and shoulders that way, but her figure in particular was so much more beautiful. She couldn't take her eyes off herself and it was great for us to see that joy again. What a wonderful profession we have. You will see it all very quickly on all its social channels and of course we will share it with you …


At, was a lingerie store in Breda that specializes in large cup sizes. Here you can see the video.


Mention on the H & website, for a fashion look that has styled #Hmxme. Here you will find the entire page. on the website of H & #hmxme

Listing on the M&S fashion website, for a fashion look that has styled. on the M&S mode website

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