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# Diary | Days like this

I this diary section I wright about my life, feelings and thoughts. Feel free to take a look at the (dreamy) world of my thoughts.

#Dagboek| Days like this
Plussize Blogger Suyen Frazer
Dear Diary,

In the morning it is always so hectic, children who have to be prepared for school. Run back and forth looking for matching socks. Quarrels about who can now use the bathroom. Well I’m happy when they’re finally in the car and Randy takes them away. So that I can get started right away. I immediately start cleaning and tidying up the house. In between, I take a sip of my cold tea. When the house is cleaned, I will start creating new content for the blog or Instagram.

Just a bit different

But today the day started a little differently. Children woke up cheerfully. Everyone cooperated and sat at the breakfast table quite on time. I never had to shout that they had to hurry. And there they went on their way to school. I decided to lie down again, read a bit from the Bible and gazed forward without doing anything. I thought about how happy I am. And that I had to enjoy life more and certainly the simple beautiful things around me. How nice this felt! Yuultje called and we talked for more than an hour. We were talking about sharing my podcast with uncertainties and doubts, work, and little house bug. It is good for me to have good friends who have a positive influence on your life.


Today I realized once again how happy I can be with the little things in life. In the world where I have become so used to everything, bigger and better, I forgot what it is all about. Of course, I want to be successful and grow in what I do. Hard work is just part of it. And to be honest, I enjoy this so much. Because this is really my passion, I can spend a whole day without relaxing.

Calmly starting my day did me good. I went to work with a grateful heart and attitude. I got inspiration for new content. Took beautiful photos. Sang all day long. Went for a nice walk and lunch at noon with my hubby. Household I left just for what it is, but did cook again according to the kids. All in all a very productive day, with less stress. But full of love and a grateful heart. #blessed

“Note to self…. More Days like this !! “

x- Suyen


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