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Hackwith Design| Simple, Elegant and Versatile

For quite some time now I have been walking around with the idea of investing in more quality pieces and not so much go for quantity. And this mainly focused on my clothing and accessories. Maybe it has something to do with the fact of me getting older or simply is a more mature choice. But for whatever reason, being more aware of your purchases is never a bad thing I think. Don’t you agree?

Don’t get me wrong I can still enjoy a nice Zara / Asos purchase or any other “fast fashion chain”. But what I mean by that, instead of 6 white shirts, I want to invest more in 2 sustainable ones. Which I can enjoy for years and years to come.

Plussize problem

In my search for more sustainable brands, I discovered that they are quite a lot. Brands such as Sezané, AndOtherStories, and Everlane you can go for very beautiful sustainable clothing. The problem is that these brands do not have a plus-size collection. And I think that’s quite sad honestly. Especially since I am now more focused on more “French Style”. Or rather, Basic Chic as I sometimes call it.

But luckily I was able to find a few that do have a plus-size collection. And in the coming months I will share more of this with you. As the opening of this new series we start with a review about Hackwith Design House.

About Hackwith Design House

Hackwith Design House started with the goal of making durable and versatile clothing that is just as unique as the wearer. In September 2013 we launched with only one limited edition design. To this day, we continue to release a limited edition design every week, with no more than 25 made of each. We have grown to offer additional lines, including Core Collection, Swimwear, Basics, Plus and Lingerie.

Hackwith Design House
First impression

Hackwith Design House is located in America, Minnesota. A good thing to know is that Hackwith Design House is against waste of material. That is why many of the items are only made after an order has been placed. They make beautiful, simple and clean aesthetic, high-quality fabrics. With a lot of attention to details, they create beautiful, durable items for women.

My first impression of the website is that it is well organized. Every article is well displayed. And seen on a model. And talking about the models, they really care about diversity. Yeah!

On 24 September I had placed my order and on 8 October it was arrived in The Netherlands. Which I find pretty fast. Especially because we know that the items are usually made after ordering.

HDH Basics: Dolman Sleeve Tee

The top is made from 100% raw Noil silk (Noil is made from residual fibers during the spinning process. This silk is not as strong as mulberry silk but does have the heat-regulating property of silk). You can also tell by the texture of the top that it is made from a rough silk. That gives the top an extra character I think.

The boxier fit tee is very nice. In the photos, I wear a size XL of The Dolman Sleeve Top, but it is available up to a 4x. I also like this in ivory and for a looser fit, I take it in 2x.


I really enjoyed the clothes at Hackwith Design House. The material is very durable, and you notice that it has been made with love and care. I certainly will do more orders in the future. For delivery costs to the Netherlands, I paid around $ 10, which is like € 9. Furthermore, as usual when you buy something abroad, you have to pay import costs.

Collaborations info: The Dolman Sleeve Top has been sent to me by HDH as part of a collaboration.


Hi, I hope you enjoyed this! Feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you guys.

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