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Plussize woman can wear white

Why does curvy or plus size women think that they can’t wear white skinny pants or a white outfit? Is that probably something that has been imprinted in our head? That wearing white will makes you look much fatter? We are taught to be ashamed of ourselves and to hide our bodies. “Wear black cause that is most flattering! But you must stay away from white!”

Plus size blogger Suyen Frazer in a White monochromatic outfit

The reason why I often wear black is that I think that black is very classic and chic. I sincerely think it is a very beautiful elegant color. Accept that time when I was forced to wear black every day for a job. I than dreamed of wearing some color. hahahaha I know it’s never good enough!

Breaking Boundaries

One of the things that gives me so much joy is seeing a woman shine who is happy with herself and feels good in the outfit she is wearing. If you feel comfortable in an outfit, then you should continue to wear it. There are no rules when it comes to personal style. It took me a few years before I understood what I like and what I don’t. And what kind of personal style I have. Fashion is meant to be fun, and certainly not to be complicated with all kinds of rules.

Plus size blogger Suyen Frazer in a White monochromatic outfit
Plus size blogger Suyen Frazer in a White monochromatic outfit
The Styling

You can in generally combine white with any other color. There is something so fresh and radiant about a white outfit, which really attracts me. I especially like white in the summertime. For example, choose to dress up to toe in white. It’s the perfect color to survive hot days. Here you can read why.

But you can also combine white with brown or cognac. I personally find this color combination very beautiful. And I get the feeling of vacation in beautiful Italy. And that illusion alone makes me happy.


On Instagram Stories I have shared with you before, that as soon as I wear a white outfit I have to make it dirty. For some reason I can’t keep it white. And that is really disappointing.

Another con is, if you wear something white from a thin or transparent fabric, then it can shine through. What I do than wear a tank top underneath. Or wear black or skin-colored underwear. Personally I don’t choose a bright color. Because that will certainly show.

Plus size blogger Suyen Frazer in a White monochromatic outfit

This was my view on wearing white. I also want to emphasize it again. Find what you like and try things out. As long as you feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin it can’t be wrong!

What I’m wearing

-x- Suyen


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